M O N I K A  P O L A K

B     I     O


2008-2012         The State Secondary School of Art in Kielce

2012-2017          Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

honours degree of painting in studio of prof. Stanislaw R. Kortyka and electronic media in studio prof. Wojciech Pukocz (study drawing in studio of prof. Wojciech Lupa)

2017                    Doctoral Studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Painting)


academic years

2014/2015, 2015/2016 and 2016/2017                               Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy of Fine Arts Wrocław

2015/2016 and 2016/2017                                                 Artistic scholarship of the Mayor of Wrocław

2014/2015 and 2016/2017                                                 GRAND scholarship for outstanding talented youth from the Provence of Świętokrzyskie

2015/2016                                                                         Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding achievements



Distinction in the contest Przedwiosnie 38, BWA Kielce


Nomination for FID PRIZE 2016
Honorable mention TOP 20, 4th International Watercolor Biennial Belgrade, Serbia
1st prize, drawing category, ArtConfrontations2016, Test Gallery, Warsaw
2nd prize, 4th Painting Competition Attitudes, Wroclaw



Nomination for Artistic Award UAP, New Image/New Look Triennial of Polish (Nowy Obraz/Nowe Spojrzenie), Poznan, Poland
2nd prize, 9th Contemporary Drawing, Lubaczow, Poland



Shortlisted for the 2017 International Painting Prize Focus Abengoa, Sevilla, Spain
Artistic Award UAP, New Image/New Look (Nowy Obraz/Nowe Spojrzenie), Poznan, Poland
Shortlisted, 3rd International  Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation



•  The newly discovered, Galeria Dominikanska, Wroclaw, Poland



•  Ale Plama, Exhibition of Electronic Media Studio, Contemporary Art Gallery MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland
•  1st International Student Drawing Triennale, The Roundabout of Arts, Katowice, Poland
•  14th Figurama: International Exhibition of Figurative Drawing Student: CK Poznan Castle, Poland; GASK Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
•  Exploration and confrontations, Library UZ, Zielona Gora, Poland
•  Ctrl + S, Stolarnia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
•  Second International Student Biennial Drawing Sofia, Academia Gallery of the National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
•  8th Triennale of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Museum of the Borderlands, Lubaczów; BWA Art Gallery in Zamosc, Poland
•  9th International Biennial of Drawing, Municipal Gallery of Pilsen City, Czech Republic
•  Dzielnia, Gallery of Modern Art MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland



•  15th Figurama 2015, Wroclaw, Poland
•  Salon of awarded in Przedwiośnie 38, BWA Zielona, Busko Zdroj, Poland
•  Our Last Portraits, solo exhibition, Piwnice Art Gallery, Staszow, Poland
•  5th International Competition of drawing M. E. Andriolli, Naleczow, Poland
•  MUZA2015, Centre of Culture Promotion in Praga, Warsaw, Poland



•  Mechanica organica, solo exhibition, Slimak Art Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
•  16th Figurama 2016, The Roundabout of Arts, Katowice; Hospital Kuks, Czech Republic
•  KUNSTZUG- Train to the Art, Oktogon Gallery, Dresden, Germany
 •  7th International Exhibition of Student Drawing DRAW NATURALLY, Wozownia Art Gallery, Torun, Poland
•  4th International Watercolor Biennial Belgrade, Serbia
•  Labyrinth meanders, University of Wroclaw,  Wroclaw, Poland, Poland
•  10th Triennial of Small Painting Forms, Wozownia Gallery, Torun, Poland, Poland
•  Initial Singularities, Contemporary Art Gallery BCK, Brzeg, Poland
•  Festival of Underwater Wroclaw, Railway Station Swiebodzki, Wroclaw, Poland
•  9th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Gaude Mater Gallery, Czestochowa, Poland
•  Station MD_S, Gallery of Modern Art MD_S, Wroclaw, Poland
•  Station runde ecke, Gallery Runde Ecke, Dresden, Germany
•  Labirinto-Labyrinth, Aula Colleoni on the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Rome, Italy
•  4th Painting Competition Attitudes, Bieszczanski Brewery, Wroclaw, Poland



•  1st Art Confrontations, Test Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
•  Drawings in a hurry/ ZĪMĒJUMI STEIGĀ, exhibition halls of the Riga Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia
•  New Image/New Look (Nowy Obraz/Nowe Spojrzenie), Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, Poland
•  4th Piotrkowskie Art Biennale, Center Of Artistic Actions, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland
•  Light Resonance, diploma painting exhibition, CSUCI, Wroclaw, Poland
•  9th Triennial of Polish Contemporary Drawing, Museum of Kresy, Lubaczow, Poland



•  9th Triennale of Polish Contemporary Drawing , Test Gallery, Warsaw
•  3rd International  Painting Competition of the Three Bridges Foundation, The Sluzew Culture House, Warsaw, Poland
•  New Image/New Look (Nowy Obraz/Nowe Spojrzenie), Slodownia Gallery in Stary Browar, Poznan, Poland
•  Profusion, municipal office of art exhibition (MBWA Leszno), Leszno, Poland
•  100lat!/Сто літ!, Lviv Palace of Arts, Ukraine
•  New Image/New Look, office of art exhibition and visual services (BWA Pila), Piła, Poland
•  Luminol, Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland
•  5th International biennial of watercolors, Progres Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
•  BP Portriat Award 2018, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK [link]
• Indeed. New aspects of still life (W rzeczy samej. Nowe aspekty martwej natury), 6th National Competition for Young Artists Marian Michalik, Częstochowa, Poland
• Auditorium Comicum Opening, The University of Wrocław, Wrocław, Poland
+48, Kamieniecka Art Gallery, Kamieniec Podolski, Ukraine
• Mikstury Kultury, National Forum of Music, Wrocław, Poland
• Q&A, Gallery of Modern Art MD_S, Wrocław, Poland
•  5th International Biennial of Watercolors, Degen Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
• 10th International Biennial of Miniature Art, Gaude Mater Gallery, Czestochowa
 5. Audytorium Comicum Opening, UW, Wrocław
• Common denominator, Open Culture Space, Wrocław, Poland
• BP Portriat Award 2018, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, UK
• Promotions 2018, 28th National Review of Young Paintings, Art Gallery Legnica, Poland
• 6th International Andriolli Drawing Competition Nałęczów 2018, NOK, Nałęczów, Poland 
• BP Portriat Award 2018, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh ( 15 December 2018 – 10 March, 2019)



• Sztuka Teraz,  the National Museum in Cracow, Poland
• Emerging Lines #1, Galerie du Crous, Paris, France

• 7th International Pastel Biennial, SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Centre, Nowy Sącz, Poland (UPCOMING / 6 September – 2 November, 2019)




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